Worship Team

As a Church school we encourage our children to play an active role in leading regular collective worship and have our own children's 'Worship Team' made up of volunteers from Y1 to Y6 who prepare and lead readings, prayers, drama, power-points and set up the hymns to be sung.

The themes; chosen by the children, for the children, relate to our core Christian values. The children prepare all resources for the daily act of Worship including setting and laying the current Ecumenical colour (based on the Church season) on our service table, setting up the Cross, candles and Bible as well as setting up the hymn and projectors.

The children also regularly assist the Headteacher in our 'Celebration Assembly' each Friday afternoon, where the achievements of the week, both in school and outside school, are shared and celebrated. Members from Y5 and Y6 organise the collection of feedback from the other pupils on collective worship. This is then collated by them and fed-back to the Governors’ Ethos Committee who discuss the findings with a view to implementing change if required.

The Worship Team meet once per month with the RE Subject Leader.

These are just a few of the ways in which as a school we develop young leaders and greater spiritual and social understanding through the wider curriculum.

The Team

Y1 Worship Team Members
Y4 Worship Team Members
Y2 Worship Team Members
Y5 Worship Team Members
Y3 Worship Team Members
Y6 Worship Team Members
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