Welcome to our Reception Class

Here you will find lots of important information regarding your child starting school in September to view and download. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Good communication is essential for learning. Read our information sheet for more details.
Great pupils are great listeners. Read our information sheet for more details.
Mark-making is a great start to writing and art. Read our information sheet for more details.
Your child will be in a class of 30 children. It will make starting school much easier and happier if they are independent and can do many things for themselves.

Here is a small tick list of things, that if your child can master before they start school would be great (but don’t panic if they can’t!)

• Put on their own coat
• Use the toilet independently and ask to go there
• Please teach boys to use a urinal
• Tidy up after themselves
• Recognise their own name (please let Mrs. March or Mrs. Knapp know if your child’s name is abbreviated in any way)
• Try to use a knife and fork
• Share toys and equipment
• Handle a pencil
• Sing some nursery rhymes
• Practise counting to 10
• Be able to listen to a story
• Dress and undress themselves

How can I help my child prepare for school?
• Encourage your child to be as independent as possible even if it takes far longer to get them ready.
• Get them used to a routine of reasonably early to bed and up early enough for your child to have a stress free time to get ready for school.
• Never threaten them with school! Be positive. Reception is a fun place to be!

What can I do with my child before they start school?
• Give your child as many varied experiences as possible: drawing, painting, cooking, singing, making models, playing games, jigsaws etc.
• Get them used to: pencils, crayons, felt pens, chalks, paints, play dough, scissors.
• Share stories, books and rhymes.Read to them.
• Count everything and share things out.
• Talk to them all the time!

Read our ‘Is Your Child Ready for School – Guide for Families’ for further tips and information.

Read our ‘Starting School Checklist’ to help your child get ready for school.

When your child starts school, it may be the longest time your child has been away from you, without you knowing exactly what they have been doing. Often if you question your child, they will inform you that they have done nothing! We can assure you that your child does do something!!!

In Reception we like to do lots of different things and may not stick to a rigid timetable, but our day does have some structure to it. We don’t encourage the children to bring toys to school; we simply don’t have the room to keep them! If however your child has a ‘comforter’ which needs to be in school too, we can find a special place for it.

When your child starts with us in September, we would like to follow this routine;

Monday 7th September
As this is a very special day for your child (and you as parents) we would like to invite you to bring your child into their classroom to see where they will be learning (please could buggies be left outside as it becomes a bit of a squash in the classroom).
Please feel free to take photographs of your child; this is a milestone event in their lives.
Please don’t worry about first day tears, the children are always absolutely fine.

Tuesday 8th September
We like to settle the children into a normal morning routine as soon as possible, we would ask you to bring your children onto the infant playground and help them to line up. Mrs. March and Mrs. Knapp will be there to meet your child and answer any questions you may have.

From Wednesday 9th September
Please wait with your child on the playground until the bell goes at which point say your goodbyes and let your child line up. Mrs. March and Mrs. Knapp will again be on hand to answer any questions or worries you may have.

We recognise the importance of parents and careers in a child’s development.

You are your child’s first educators and we greatly value any input, opinions and information you can share with us about your child. It helps us get to know them that little bit faster.

As a school we provide many opportunities for you to be involved with your child’s time at school.

These include
• End of topic celebrations where you are invited into the classroom to celebrate the learning of your child and to share their learning journeys
• We welcome parent helpers into the classroom, if you have any free time, we can find lots of jobs for you!
• Parent helpers on school trips. We love going on school trips with reception, these would not be possible with help from parents.
• Class web page updated regularly with topic webs and pictures of what we have been up to.
• We have a very active and welcoming PTFA who are always looking for new members. Please visit the FOLSS website for more information.

We are always around before and after school to discuss and worries or concerns you may have about your child.

Please name all uniform, it can be very distressing for a child if they cannot be reunited with their belongings.

Please name all uniform, it can be very distressing for a child if they cannot be reunited with their belongings.

General Uniform
White polo shirt
Grey skirt/pinafore/trousers/shorts
School jumper/cardigan (purchase through school – see order form)
Blue gingham dress in summer
White/navy/grey socks
Grey tights in winter (optional)
Black shoes (sandals in summer – optional) – no trainers or fashion shoes
Winter footwear – strong, sensible school shoes in either black, brown, or grey. Winter boots are not suitable.

Outdoor Learning Kit (in a separate named bag please)
Wellie boots
Waterproof trousers and top (able to purchase through school – see order form)
Sun hat
Woolly hat and gloves
Warm socks

PE Kit (in a separate named bag please)

We offer children a wide range of physical activities both in and out of doors. It is essential, for reasons of health, comfort and safety, that a change of clothing is provided on these occasions.
We have our own branded school PE kit that has our school logo on it. The branded items are not compulsory except for the T-shirt (see below).

Branded T-shirt* (to be as per child’s House colour blue, green, yellow or red – please contact us to find out your child’s House colour).
Navy shorts branded* or unbranded (from High Street retailer)
Light Blue branded hoody* or navy unbranded (from High Street retailer)
Navy unbranded jogging bottoms
White socks
Daps (velcro fastening)

* Please order via School using this Order Form.

For reasons of safety, we would ask you to discourage the wearing of earrings, rings and other jewellery. Studs must be worn, not hoops in the ears or dangly type earrings. However, stud earrings may be taped during P.E., games and swimming.

Optional Clothing
Royal blue fleece zip up jacket with embroidered school logo (ordered through school)
Royal blue waterproof fleece lined zip up jacket with integral hood (ordered through school)
Royal blue legionnaire hat with school logo – summer (buy direct from School Office)

Name Labels
Please ensure that all articles of clothing (and other belongings) are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Order your name labels from Stikins quoting our unique order code 11854 and FOLSS (our PTFA) receive 30% commission.

Second-hand Uniform
Second-hand excellent quality school branded jumpers, cardigans, PE hoodies, PE T-shirts and PE shorts are available to purchase from FOLSS (PTFA).

Hot meals are cooked on the premises, fully complying with National Nutritional Standards and served in the school hall by our own Catering Staff.

School Dinners

• Mrs. Evans prepares hot school dinners for us every day in our school kitchen.
• A menu is sent home for you to make a choice for your child, there is also the option to have a school packed lunch.
• School dinners are free for those children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.
• Your child is also welcome to bring their own packed lunch. See our Lunch box suggestions.
• When making menu choices for your child, please only select things you know they will eat. It is very distressing for your child if they are faces with something they don’t like in school! If they don’t like it at home, then they really won’t like it in school.

Milk and Fruit

• Every child under 5 qualifies for free daily school milk. You can register your child at www.coolmilk.com. After they are 5 you can still purchase milk via Cool Milk. They will send you information once you have registered.
• If your child does not like milk, feel free to send in their own drink (not fizzy or one that requires refrigeration) in a named plastic bottle (no glass or cans).
• We also offer the children a piece of fruit every day.
• We are not allowed to cut up apples etc, so please get your child used to eating a whole piece of fruit before they start school.
• We can’t guarantee what fruit we will have on which day, so if your child only likes apples (for example) feel free to send them in with their own fruit in a named pot.

Please kindly make a note of the different dates, pick up and on-site times below.

• At the end of the school day please do not enter the school site before 3pm.
• The children will come out from the middle white door under the canopy and will remain with Mrs. March and Mrs. Knapp until we identify you and send your child to you.
• Please inform us if someone different is collecting your child.
• If we are unsure that it is ok for your child to go with a different adult, we will keep your child with us until we verify who is here for your child and you are happy for your child to go with them.

Week beginning 7th September
Collection of the children 12.15pm. Please do not enter the site before 12 noon.

Week beginning 14th September
Collection of the children 1.15pm. Please do not enter the site before 1pm.

Week beginning 21st September
Collection of the children 3.15pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Please do not enter the site before 3pm.
Collection of the children 1.15pm Tuesday and Thursday. Please do not enter the site before 1pm.

Week beginning 28th September
Collection of the children 3.15pm. Please do not enter the site before 3pm.

At Leonard Stanley School we offer wrap around care.

It is possible for your child to go to Breakfast Club from 7:30am and After School Club until 5:30pm. Please speak to Mrs. Williams our School Office Manager on 01453 823265 or email admin@leonardstanley.gloucs.sch.uk for more information.

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