Leonard's 'Stay Safe, Stay Home' Learning Zone

Here you will find a list of subject specific and general activity ideas and resources to view and download. Please check this page regularly for updates.

View and download your Term 4 Week 8 (1-3-21) Timetable Worksheet below.
Email us images of the great things you’ve been doing and we'll add them to Leonard's Activities Gallery.
Read our latest news and see what new ideas and resources we have found for you. Stay safe. Stay at home.

Dear all,
It is the last week of learning before half term. You have all done so well. Hopefully we will have another couple of weeks after half term and then we can be back in the classroom. I am keeping everything crossed that we will be back together soon.
Enjoy your half term break. Get outside as much as you can and try and keep up with some reading too.
Stay safe everyone!
Mrs Bullingham & Mrs Jackson

Here you will find the support resources for each timetabled week of learning. On completion of each week we will add them to the sections below.
If you wish to do more learning with your child, here is an additional list of ideas for you to try at home.


• Practise handwriting
• Practise sentence writing with our Year one targets of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces
• Write a letter to Mrs Bullingham or Mrs Jackson telling us what you have been up to
• Read books: please read widely and freely
• Listen to and discuss stories
• Phonics – can you spot any friendly letters in words? Can you make some of your own alien words using sounds you know?
• Spelling – The key words have been sent home in the children’s packs


• Recognising and writing numbers to 100 (e.g. What is this number? Can you write 29?)
• Addition and Subtraction
• Counting money (Can you order the coins? Is the biggest coin worth the most? Who has the most money?)
• Telling the time (O’clock and half past)


• Cooking – can you follow the instructions (Do they have any bossy verbs?)
• Draw and label a picture of your family
• Watch a movie as a family – talk about it afterwards

Websites who are offering free learning resources for the coming weeks.

Many children will be using the internet during school closures and it is important to be vigilant and aware to keep safe online.
Please refer to this Keeping Safe Online document for guidance.

If you'd like to revisit your previous week's timetables, or missed a week, view and download them below.
Here you can download the lessons and supporting material from previous weeks, and any additional resources we feel are suitable.

FGR Joy of Moving Winter Games Pack
Atlas Sports YouTube Channel – Regular videos and activities, etc.
Y1 1-2-21 Friday PE Jumping Dice
How to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak
Action for Children – Mental health resources and information
Young Minds – ‘Take Time Out’
Mind – Information for young people
Heads Together
Kooth – Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people
Action for Happiness – Find three good things each day
Everybody Worries – A picture book for children who are worried about Coronavirus
Wellbeing Dice Challenge – Complete the challenge sheet with activities and ideas to improve your wellbeing
Sportshall Home Pentathlon
Stroud District Sports Games Activity Parent Pack
Facts4Life ‘Work for Home Learning’ Resources


Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Bullingham & Mrs Jackson

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