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Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome to you all, we hope you had a lovely summer break. We thought we would put a letter together to explain a few things about Year Two.

PE lessons will be on a Friday. Please come to school in your PE kit with appropriate footwear. PE will be outside so please make sure they are wearing joggers/jumpers if the weather is colder.

Spelling and Reading is the only homework this term. We will send weekly spellings home every Friday so please check your child’s book bag. Although we practise spellings in school, we would really like the children to practise them at home too. Spelling tests are on a Friday.

This is the single most important thing you can do with your child. Reading is key to a lot of the children’s learning at this age and therefore daily reading helps them a lot.
We will be continuing with our whole school reading challenge. We check how many times the children have read each Friday and get a percentage of how many children have read 3 times or more. The winning class gets a special reading treat. Our aim is always 100% so please read with your child and record it in the yellow reading diary.
Your child’s reading books will be changed on a Friday when they will be given 4 reading books for the week. Please leave these books and yellow reading diary in their book bags as we often read with the children at school too.
Library books will be changed on a Friday also.

Our topic this term is Castle Capers. We will be looking at features of Castles as well as investigating famous Kings and Queens! We are hoping to have a Castle themed dress-up day at some point but we will send out details for that in the future.

Please remember if your child is unwell or is showing any Covid symptoms, please keep them at home until you are sure they are well enough to come to school to make sure no illnesses spread.

It’s good to talk…
Please remember that we are here if you have any questions or problems. We are available at the end of most days for a quick chat.

We are really looking forward to a fantastic year!

Best wishes,
Miss Bahia and Mrs O’Connell

Here is a list of spellings that your child will be expected to learn and be tested on weekly.
Here you will find the latest ideas and resources uploaded to your year group page.
Here is a list of optional additional ideas to help support learning at home outside of the regular school timetable.


• Try to include some story time where your child is read aloud to by an adult or an older child.
• Check out Oxford Owl as you can sign up to read e-books for free and these are matched to book bands too.
• Nessy is a wonderful resource to help your child with reading and spelling and they are currently offering 8 weeks of free access. Sign up at http://www.nessy.com/free-trial/signup – this is highly recommended!
Phonics Play  is also offering free access to phonics games if you enter the username march20 and the password home.


• Spelling key words is tricky so as much practise as possible please! Children can practise writing these in many ways, e.g. making playdough letters, ‘painting’ them outside using water instead of paint, etching them in a sand tray etc.
• Practise forming letters correctly – especially ensuring that the letters are sat on the line, that all the small letters are the same height and that the tall letters are all the same height too, and twice the height of the small letters.
• Complete the enclosed short writing tasks or write for many different purposes, e.g. write a recipe or a letter for a friend, write a story or a poem.
• When writing, Year 2 children need to:
o Spell words using their phonic knowledge and spell key words from the Year 1 list correctly.
o Use capital letters at the start of EVERY sentence and for names.
o Use full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and commas in lists.
o Use adjectives to describe nouns and therefore make their writing much more exciting.
o Extend their sentences using conjunctions, e.g. and, so, but, because, or, if, when, until.
o Read their writing back and edit it to make sure that it includes the above features.


• Help children to mark their work and talk to them about any mistakes they have made.
• Practise Times Tables Rockstars regularly (their username and password is on their Reading Record) – www.ttrockstars.com
• Practise reading the time – o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Once this is mastered, try reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes.
• Practise using coins to make totals in different ways and try to calculate how much change you could get.
• Get measuring – use rulers, weighing scales and measuring jugs.

Time to be creative

• Try to include some time for drawing, painting, collage, model making, creating music etc. too.

Websites who offer free learning resources.

It is important to be vigilant and aware to keep your child safe online. Please refer to this Keeping Safe Online document for guidance.


Gloucestershire County Council Online Resources for Parents – Includes resources support for the following: mental health and wellbeing, curriculum, reading, writing, STEM, culture & creativity, PE & sport, SEN and geography & history.
BBC Bitesize KS1 Specific Lessons
Launch of the Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub
Fun games and teaching resources about microbes and antibiotics
Learning About Online Safety at Home – Activity Packs
Ed Shed


Oxford Owl – Ebooks


Maths with Mum

Fitness & Wellbeing

Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube – offers fantastic yoga workouts combined with stories, e.g. Yoga taught through Harry Potter, Trolls or Moana. Some videos include dance and mindfulness time too.

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