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Here you will find a list of subject specific and general activity ideas and resources to view and download. Please check this page regularly for updates.

WEEK CHALLENGE 13 - Monday 29th June
How many challenges in this table can you complete this week?
Email us images of the great things you’ve been doing and we'll add them to Leonard's Activities Gallery.
Read our latest news and see what new ideas and resources we have found for you. Stay safe. Stay at home.

Another epic battle took place last week with Y4 taking on the mighty Y5! But again, those Y4s proved unbeatable with an incredible 14,977 vs 12,976.

Most useful players in Y4 were: Mia, Isla and Lyla, with Annabelle, Tilly and Zach highly commended. In Y5, most useful players were Imogen, Finlay H and Henry, with Scarlett, Oliver W and Emily C. highly commended.

As you’ve probably already seen on the website, on Tuesday there will be a Gloucestershire-wide TTRS tournament, pitching all the schools in the region against each other, so I’m not setting any class tournaments for next week! It starts Tuesday 12th and ends Thursday 14th so in that time try to accumulate as many points as you can – the class with the highest number of correct scores per pupil will win. Let’s help Leonard Stanley to be up there on the leaderboard – I know you can do it! Best of luck – Mrs C.


Also – an update on TTRS!
‘Wow – what an epic battle this week as Y4 took on the mighty Y5! And the winners are..
YEAR 4!!!! Y4 scored a superb 18,121 against Y5’s 17,649.

Top players for Y4 were all girls (come on boys – let’s see your efforts!) with Mia, Annabelle and Isla taking on the title of most useful players with Lilie, Lyla and Tilly highly commended!

For Y5, Henry, Finlay H. and Imogen were most useful players, with Emily C., Oliver W and Scarlett highly commended.

I’ve set up a new battle which will start at 0830 hours on Monday – it was a close run thing last week..who will be victorious next week??! Good luck to everyone taking part (so lovely to see how many of you are entering our weekly challenge!) Mrs C.’


In TTRS news..
Y5 vs Y3 – Year 5 stormed their younger opponents with 50,157 vs 7,070 at the time of writing…
Top scorers in Y5 – D’Arcy (21,055!), Jack (18,430) and Henry
Top scorers in Y3 – Jack, Stan and Toby.


Results of last weeks TTRS challenge!
In Y5, the girls absolutely SMASHED the boys scoring an incredible 6211 against a pitiful 1095! Highest scorers for the boys were Fin Hedges, Oliver W and Jack, and for the girls, D’Arcy, Imogen and Kelly. Come on boys – let’s have a closer result next week! Battle begins on Monday…


Dear Parents,

I have sent home with the children a pack of English and Maths activities if you would like to practise some of the skills we have learnt. If your child finds an activity tricky, please do not worry as we will be revisiting these in the coming months.

If you would like to work on alternative activities that is completely fine and encouraged.

Here you will find the latest ideas and resources uploaded to your year group page. We have also added them to the sections below.

Gloucestershire Virtual School Games Challenge 3
Get involved! Deadline end of play 8th July. Have a go at the three throwing challenges. You’ll need balls, plastic bottles, a marker and a stopwatch. Please submit your personal best to Mr. B via email by end of play Wednesday 8th July. Good luck!

For all Challenge information please view/download the Gloucestershire Virtual School Games Target Challenge 3.

Earth and Space Slides
Earth and Space Worksheet
The Game
Arithmetic Full Test 9
Art Week Challenge Cards
Discover at Home for Children
Discover at Home for Parents

HEADSTART – Very good learning booklets used at school. Great for maths, reading, SPAG and spelling.
Y5 HEADSTART Activity Booklet (l)
Y5 HEADSTART Activity Booklet – ANSWERS (l)

Summer Reading Challenge – Join the Silly Squad!
This amazing creative writing competition is back for an incredible 10th year. If you like writing stories and fancy winning some awesome prizes, this is the competition for you! What is the Summer Reading Challenge? The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. For more information, and to sign up your child to become a member of the ‘Silly Squad’, go to the Summer Reading Challenge website.

We've sent home a pack of ideas but here is a list of additional ones for you to try at home.


• Read books – every day
• Practise handwriting
• Practise spelling and punctuation
• Write a story including paragraphs, speech marks and adjectives.
• Write another Greek myth
• Keep a diary / scrapbook for key events / activities


• Times tables (Times Tables Rockstars!) and division skills
• Addition and subtraction
• Adding money and giving change
• Telling the time on an analogue and digital clock


• Create a Fact Poster / PowerPoint to present at school all about Ancient Greeks / Gods / Olympics / Other!?

We've a range of activities for you to try that you can view and download below.

Arithmetic Full Test 8
Top Trumps Maths Cards
Arithmetic Full Test 6
Arithmetic Full Test 5
Arithmetic Full Test 4
Arithmetic Full Test 3
Arithmetic Full Test 2
Morning 3 Minute Maths Sheets Blue Plus Answers
Morning 3 Minute Maths Sheets Indigo Plus Answers
Arithmetic Full Test 1
White Rose Maths – White Rose Maths have teamed up with BBC bitesize to create daily lessons for every year group throughout the summer term. There are video explanations, activities and answers. As teachers, we use White Rose Maths to plan our lessons anyway, so we can only highly recommend this for daily Maths learning at home.
Y5 Morning 3 Minute Maths Sheets Green Plus Answers
Y5 Morning 3 Minute Maths Sheets Yellow Plus Answers
Maths Addition and Subtraction Activity Booklet
Maths Addition and Subtraction Activity Booklet Answers
Add Fractions with Denominators That Are Multiples Differentiated Activity Sheets
Calculate and Compare the Area of Rectangles
Calculate the Perimeter of Composite Rectilinear Shapes
Compare Fractions with Denominators That Are Multiples Differentiated Activity Sheets
Convert Metric and Imperial Measures
Convert Metric Measures
Equivalent Fractions Activity Sheets
Identify The Value of Decimal Digits Activity Sheet
Maths Measures Workbook
Maths Measures Answers
Maths Revision Practice Booklet
Maths Revision Practice Booklet Answers
Measure the Perimeter of Composite Rectilinear Shapes
Multiplication and Division Learning from Home Workbook Booklet
Multiplication and Division Learning from Home Workbook Booklet Answers
Multiplication and Division Learning from Home Workbook Super Eco
Multiplication and Division Learning from Home Workbook Super Eco Answers
Multiplication and Division Learning from Home Workbook
Multiply Proper Fractions Using Diagrams Activity Sheet
Numbers up to Three Decimal Places
Ordering Fractions Activity Sheet
Percentage And Decimal Equivalents
Programme of Study Fractions
Recognise and Use up to Thousandths
Round Decimal Numbers Activity Sheets
Subtract Fractions with Denominators That Are Multiples Differentiated Activity Sheets
The Olympics Ordering Finishing Times 3 Decimal Places Number Activity Sheet
Visual Representations of Fractions Decimals and Percentages Differentiated Activity Sheets
Visual Representations of Percentages Differentiated Activity Sheet
Write Decimal Numbers as Fractions Activity Sheets
Hamilton Learn at Home Packs are some useful downloadable daily English and Maths resources for your children to work on if they wish. These are not compulsory, but if anyone has already completed their activity pack and would like an additional challenge, these are ideal!


Trust Balloon
Bob Hartman’s weekly bible story (new story every Monday) – Bob writes our ‘Open the Book’ stories used in School


Coming soon…


In the hard times, we hope this helps to support you at home, and keeps them moving forward as they were in class.
We wish you well as a family, stay safe and well, and I’m sure we’ll be back together soon enough!
Best wishes
Mr B & Mrs Jones

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