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Here you will find a list of subject specific and general activity ideas and resources to view and download. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Our weekly challenges have now finished. Please see previous challenges below.
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Read our latest news and see what new ideas and resources we have found for you. Stay safe. Stay at home.

Dear Parents,

Please note there will be no new Home Challenge grids created for YR children. If you choose not to send your child in to school from 2nd June, please continue to make use of the resources on this page.


Dear Parents,

We are sending home a few things for you to share and complete during the school closure. We also know the Reception class children will enjoy all learning opportunities you can help to create at home. These do not need special equipment; just your time and effort.

Here you will find the latest ideas and resources uploaded to your year group page. We have also added them to the sections below.
We've sent home a pack of ideas but here is a list of additional ones for you to try at home.

• Spend time playing with favourite toys and include talk about what they’re making, thinking, seeing
• Helping with ‘chores’
• Drawing and writing to family, friends, neighbours – listen & record what your child has said about their picture and / or writing
• Practising writing their name – please check for correct letter formation
• Home baking / recipes
• Playdough is easy to make and lasts for over month if stored in an air-tight container. This is great to help fingers develop fine motor skills needed for writing
• Talking about everyday maths – coins, shapes, patterns, counting to 10, 20 and beyond, pairs of numbers that make 10, one more, one less, bigger, smaller, more than, less than… so much maths language…
• Ordering items so they are first, second, third in size, shape or place
• Learning to dress and undress independently
• YouTube has plenty of songs, dances, counting rhymes, action songs the reception children will love… very useful and fun but limit screen time
• Play outside, observe nature, watch things coming back to life in Spring, make footprints…
• Craft and creative activities are always fun – many children love junk modelling
• Noticing ‘People Who Help Us’
• And of course reading and sharing books, books and more books. Discuss favourite and new stories, what will happen next?, what did you like / dislike?, why did a character do a certain thing?, what would you do?, how does the character feel?

Websites who are offering free learning resources for the coming weeks.

Many children will be using the internet during school closures and it is important to be vigilant and aware to keep safe online.
Please refer to this Keeping Safe Online document for guidance.

We've a range of activities for you to try that you can view and download below.

White Rose Maths – White Rose Maths have teamed up with BBC bitesize to create daily lessons for every year group throughout the summer term. There are video explanations, activities and answers. As teachers, we use White Rose Maths to plan our lessons anyway, so we can only highly recommend this for daily Maths learning at home.
Mixed Number Bonds
Number Bonds to 10
One More, One Less Number Work
Ordering to 20
Spring I Spy and Count to 10 = I Spy
Star Number Bonds
1-20 Number Cards
CVC Activity Booklet (for those children who were sent home with this)
Hamilton Learn at Home Packs are some useful downloadable daily English and Maths resources for your children to work on if they wish. These are not compulsory, but if anyone has already completed their activity pack and would like an additional challenge, these are ideal!


Coming soon…


Bob Hartman’s weekly bible story (new story every Monday) – Bob writes our ‘Open the Book’ stories used in School


Coming soon…


Summer Reading Challenge – Join the Silly Squad!
This amazing creative writing competition is back for an incredible 10th year. If you like writing stories and fancy winning some awesome prizes, this is the competition for you! What is the Summer Reading Challenge? The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. For more information, and to sign up your child to become a member of the ‘Silly Squad’, go to the Summer Reading Challenge website.
Daily Phonics Lessons (click on Learning to Blend and Reception Summer Term)
Gloucestershire Libraries online resources references for Parents
Gloucestershire Libraries eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines – Library Members
Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenges
Pirate Reading Tricky Words (page 5)
Little Mouse Tricky Word Writing (page 6)
Phase 3 Phonics Booklet (for those children who were sent home with this)
Phonics, Seeds and Card Ideas
Hamilton Learn at Home Packs


How to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak
Action for Children – Mental health resources and information
Young Minds – ‘Take Time Out’
Mind – Information for young people
Heads Together
Kooth – Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people
Action for Happiness – Find three good things each day
Everybody Worries – A picture book for children who are worried about Coronavirus
Wellbeing Dice Challenge – Complete the challenge sheet with activities and ideas to improve your wellbeing
Sportshall Home Pentathlon
Stroud District Sports Games Activity Parent Pack
Facts4Life ‘Work for Home Learning’ Resources


Thank you for your support.
Mrs March, Mrs Knapp & Mrs Mackenzie

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